Digi-Strip® Flash Drive

Digi-Strip® flash drive allows you to store digital documents with hard-copy documents in the same file folder or 3-ring binder. Digi-Strip® is a flexible attachment mechanism with a USB storage device (4GB) that is integrated into a plastic cover plate.

  • Stores 4 GB of data
  • Works as a compressor for 2-hole punched documents fastened within a file folder
  • Easily stored and secured on the middle ring of a 3-ring binder
  • No more lost USB sticks
  • Does not take up any extra space
  • Self-adhesive identification labels included

Great for business or personal use: - Lawyers and Law Enforcement - digital photo evidence - Notaries - land registry drawings or last wills - Insurance Companies - digital photos of valuable insured items - Advertising Companies - digital media with client documents - Architects/Contractors/Engineers - building specifications/drawings. - Students - projects, scripts or presentations - Document scanning companies - offer a unique solution to their customers - Producers - send scripts/music for stage plays/musicals