BeSafe Messaging Commercial Table Tents

Great for use on most tables or bar areas to direct and remind to BeSafe while social distancing in public. BeSafe Messaging Table Tents are self-adhesive, can be adhered so they will not blow off or move from most bars and table tops. Tents have removable adhesive and can be reused. When removing, if tent is sticking more aggressively, cautiously lift up close to adhesive, so you do not rip the tent.

**Please note that performance can vary depending upon application surface and condition, removes from some glass, plastic and textile surfaces (adhesive may become permanent on some plastics)

*Testing should always be conducted before use, make sure surface area is clean

5 mil, Polyester, Tear Resistant, Reusable

Stock No. Description Color Size UOM Unit Purchase
BeSafe Messaging "Reserved" Reusable Table Tent ORANGE & WHITE 8" x 3.875" 10/Pack
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